Love is in the air and that has to do with the fast approaching Valentine’s Day. Studies have shown that people are happier when they spend money on others than when they spend on themselves.

Thus, this is a season to show love to families, friends, colleagues, charity, pets, etc. and finding the right gift could be difficult. It should be noted that gifts are better appreciated when they are symbolic, doesn’t really matter the cost. Below are some gift ideas that will be sure to wow your valentine:

  • A Do-It-Yourself gift item: Ranging from Homemade cards to self-knitted scarves or homemade perfumes, DIY items go a long way to show love to our loved ones
  • Wines: For wine lovers, a classic vintage wine is sure to blow his/her mind away
  • Cakes, Chocolate and flowers: This is perfect for female friends, sisters and colleagues
  • Personalized jewelry: A customized necklace, charm bracelet, wristwatch, rings, etc. is perfect for your lovers and friends
  • Dinners: it could be a beach side dinner complete with scented candles and flowers, a formal dinner at a 5-star restaurant trying out new meals, or a dinner at the first restaurant you guys ever visited together; just make the moment memorable
  • Designers Items: You could go all out for your spouse, friend and family and getting them a cliché designer item ranging from bags, shoes, clothes, belts, perfumes etc. It all depends on the wallet
  • Charity: You could decide to spend the day with the motherless babies, orphanages and reform homes; extending the season of love to them. You could also send gift items or cash gifts to war zones or poverty stricken areas. They would be sure to thank you for your efforts and remember you in their prayers

Above all, always remember that the season isn’t about the cost of the gift but the spirit of love behind the gift therefore, you don’t have to go overboard in your spending. Ensure you get someone you love a gift or better still, just make sure you put a smile on someone’s face this season.

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