DIY: 7 Packaging Tricks You Should Know

If you are not great at packaging gifts, don’t worry. Just pay attention as we share with you 7 smart ageless tricks to package your gifts for that special someone.

1. WRAP GIFTS ON A HARD SURFACE: The first thing you should know about wrapping a gift is that wrapping gifts on a carpet or on any other soft surfaces will only make your work harder and clumsier. When wrapping gifts, it is better to spread out your gift wrapper on a hard surface as you set to work. Wrapping your gifts on a hard surface will save you a lot of time and leave your wrapping without wrinkles.

  2. USE AN OLD SHIRT AS A WRAPPER: You can convert an old shirt to make a creative gift wrapper. This will definitely make your gift stand out.  Start by choosing an old shirt. Cut out a part of the shirt to size and fold the corners. Then, tie the edges of the cloth into a knot and add a customized tag as is shown in the picture below.

3. USE A SCARF: Rather than using an old shirt, you can choose to use a scarf. Wrap your gift in a simple scarf and the scarf becomes a gift too!

 4. PERSONALIZE YOUR WRAPPING PAPER: If you are finding it hard to choose the right wrapping paper, you can make your own wrapping paper.  Just get a plain white paper and customize it with your own special design and to your own taste.

 5. WRAP GIFTS IN A PUZZLE: Print out a cross-word puzzle from the internet on a white paper and wrap your gift in it. For added creativity, tape down a marker to the gift and you’ve given your loved one both a game and a gift!

6. MAKE PRETTY CUT-OUTS ON YOUR PLAIN PAPER WRAPPER:  Rather than leaving your wrapping paper plain, make pretty cut-outs on the paper to give it a personalized design. This is actually very simple. Draw small shapes (for instance, heart shapes) on your wrapping paper. Cut out only one half of each heart shape. Fold it over and glue coloured paper on the inside. This will give you pretty little heart designs with two colours.

7. USE ERASER STAMPS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR WRAPPING PAPER: You can also customize your plain wrapping paper using eraser stamps. This is also very simple. Cut the eraser into a heart shape and dip it in paint. Now you have a heart shaped stamp that you can use to decorate your plain wrapping paper.


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